We all have a role to play: St. Martins mayor trains to work at vaccination clinics

April 30, 2021

Bette Ann Chatterton has lived in St. Martins her entire life, and she has spent the last eight years as mayor of the small New Brunswick village. Being involved in her community has always been a passion for Bette Ann, so when she heard Horizon Health Network was searching for people to work in vaccination clinics, she jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

Bette Ann Chatterton

“We have to get this province vaccinated as soon as possible,” she said on a rainy Friday afternoon via Zoom from her home in St. Martins. “I thought, ‘I could help out by taking names, screening or whatever was needed’.”

Bette Ann said she put her name forward because she thought it was the right thing to help New Brunswick get to the finish line of the pandemic.

“The way to get out of this, is to get needles into arms,” she said.

Bette Ann will be working at Horizon vaccination clinics in Sussex and Saint John. Her desire to get involved stemmed not only from a passion to give back, but also from witnessing the strength of her small community throughout the past year.

“I am very proud of everyone in the village and surrounding community. Everybody really did step up to the plate to do their share. It seems everyone knew that by doing their share, they were not only keeping themselves safe, but others as well,” she said.

Bette Ann believes each person has a unique skill set, and by using that skill set to give back, people have an opportunity to enrich, not only their community, but their own mind, body and soul.

She said the village of St. Martins is home to many seniors, who have been especially vulnerable throughout the past 13 months.  

“Everybody has been looking after everybody. It has been a long, difficult year, but it is nice to see how we are all looking after each other.”

And although putting her name forward to work at Horizon’s vaccination clinics was her calling, she wants to encourage others in New Brunswick to find their role in the continued fight against COVID-19 and the ongoing recovery.

“I want to encourage everyone to step up, and help out, and do whatever you can. Not everyone may want to take the role I have, but there is a ton of ways to help out,” she said.

“Whether it is driving someone to get the vaccine, or even explaining the importance of receiving the vaccine. There’s lots of ways to help, just do it the best you can. Everybody has a role in this pandemic.”