We all have a role to play: Horizon volunteer gives back and experiences the joy of volunteering

April 23, 2021

Often times, when people want to get involved in their community, they choose an organization that has impacted their life.

Marilyn Campbell

For Marilyn Campbell, volunteering has always been part of her life. Now retired, she returned to the place where she spent her professional life. But she didn’t realize how much joy volunteering would bring.

Marilyn worked in transfusion medicine at the laboratory at Horizon’s Saint John Regional Hospital for 30 years.

“I volunteered over the years, and my intention when I retired was to come back into health care and volunteer,” she said. “When COVID hit I put it on the back burner, but during the summer of 2020, I decided to put in my application and see where it would go.”

Soon after she applied, Marilyn received a call and learned of an opening to volunteer at Horizon’s St. Joseph’s Hospital, located in the south end of Saint John. Now, every Monday you can find Marilyn at the volunteer desk, waiting to assist patients and clients. Every day is a little different, but Marilyn says every day is rewarding.

“I like to keep busy and I find one of the beautiful things is that you can be as busy as you want,” she said. “I help the screeners and I help people find where they need to go. If I can make their day a little less stressful and run a little more smoothly then I am happy.”

Marilyn’s goal as a Horizon volunteer is to ensure those she interacts with feel cared for. Whether that is simply providing directions or delivering flowers to inpatients.

“It’s never the same day twice,” she said.

Throughout her career, Marilyn worked in the lab and didn’t have much patient contact. And though she can’t see the smiles of those she assists, due to pandemic protocols like masks, she said she feels wonderful when she finishes her shift on Mondays at St. Joe’s.

“I really feel like I make a difference, and that is all I want to do,” Marilyn said, her voice cracking with emotion as she thinks of the joy her volunteer role brings her. “You volunteer to give back, but you also realize how much it helps you and makes you feel good.”

There are a variety of volunteer roles available at Horizon. Everyone has a role to play in providing safe and quality care. Volunteers enhance the care experience for every person every day. To learn more and discover your role, click here.